In stride with your brilliance


In Tune With Today’s Virtual Shift:

J. Romero Announces

“Work-From-Anywhere Forever” System


As economies begin to reopen and quarantine rules ease, physical offices across the globe are  welcoming workers with heightened health checks, sanitation processes, and safety protocols.


Yet, the all-Filipino advertising agency, J. Romero, is going against the grain with its announcement of keeping its work-from-home setup—permanently.


Sixty-One Years of Big Moves


J. Romero is anchored on an industry experience that has borne witness to events that have rocked the country and the world, such as the ASEAN formation, the Philippine martial law era, People Power revolutions, some of the first local  program broadcasts and publication issues, the country’s first connection to the Internet, the Asian Financial Crisis, and the birth of the Asian and Philippine Advertising Congresses, to recount several. Amid this list, J. Romero was able to mold and remold its structure to keep up with the times and effectively grow brands with long-standing relationships—Ortigas & Company for 14 years, Shakey’s for 18, Nestea for 19, Fortune Tobacco for 24, Eskinol for 35, and Dunkin’ for 27 years and counting.


This signature resilience is what J. Romero has decided to use in navigating through the reshuffled landscape left by the mighty coronavirus pandemic.


“In Stride With Your Brilliance”


To mark its 61st anniversary this July 1, 2020, J. Romero will officially make the shift to go 100% virtual and actualize the essence of its new credo, “In Stride With Your Brilliance”, in today’s battleground.


This is the agency’s commitment to keep synchronicity at the core of partnerships so that every piece of work together is directed, purposeful, malleable—hard requirements in these muddled times. 


Taking the virtual leap is key to matching one’s genius, wherein internal productivity is optimized, operational costs are reduced, and growth mindsets are expanded. These are a few of the strategic advantages that J. Romero has unlocked during its forced three-month test run of the work-from-home setup.


All Together Now!


Contrary to the observed, cold downsides of remote work, J. Romero has formed more solid bonds than ever, more unfiltered, more honest, thanks to the clear technologies that let everyone stay in close contact. And although company culture, the spirit of collaboration, and cohesion in general have been easy to keep intact, teams will still be able to come together occasionally, once safe, in the agency’s virtual office address in 6750 Ayala Avenue. 


Further strengthening its virtual structure, J. Romero has upgraded its tools, issued connectivity allowances, and set productivity and security measures. To balance it all?  The agency will continue to put high value on work ethics—training its team members to keep pure both work time and leisure time. Discipline is pivotal especially for Account Managers extending their skill sets as Strategists and Producers, Internal Media Directors handling research, and Senior Creatives like 2020 Ad Age Young Creatives Cover Winner, Miguel Bade, delving into photography and directing.


From home or from anywhere within the same time zone with an internet connection, J. Romero is looking forward to staying in tune with its partners in a digitally literate, location-independent, future-forward world.


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